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MINI-FILL is an electrical filling and depositing machine with easy exchangeable hopper and nozzles. The machine especially suits for filling of doughnuts, depositing of ammonia cakes or muffins or decorating of cakes.


up to 40 deposits per minute


min. 3 ml

Basic execution:

  • Housing made from food-approved plastic
  • Pre-select counter
  • Quantity infinitely adjustable
  • Single dosing
  • Gear wheel speed infinitely adjustable
  • Touch screen control panel

Options and accessories:

  • 4-rows nozzle for muffin trays
  • Croissant filler
  • Decoration head, round
  • Flat nozzle
  • Foot pedal
  • Hand gun with hose
  • Hopper, 8 liter
  • Hopper, 15 liter
  • Hopper with double outlet and Lobe-, 6- or 14-gear wheel
  • Hopper with single outlet and Lobe-, 6- or 14-gear wheel
  • Injection nozzle, various length and diameter