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Bread Slicer SWIFT

Bread Slicer SWIFT

Bread Slicer SWIFT

Thanks to its innovative design, the Swift makes it possible to position and collect loaves in the same place. This means the operator gains in terms of productivity and responsiveness, and particularly in terms of ergonomics and ease of use. With the complete cutting cycle taking twelve seconds, including packaging, a single operator can slice 300 loaves per hour, safely and without getting tired.



  • Wheat bread
  • Wheat-mixed bread
  • Rye-mixed bread
  • Rye bread
  • Special bread
  • Sandwich bread

Cutting width:

  • 9 - 18 mm    (SWIFT 450)
  • 9 - 12 mm    (SWIFT 450M)

Passage width:

  • 440 mm


Basic execution:

  • Continous automatic control system (ISC)
  • Multiformat front loading area
  • Secure changeover loaf area
  • Sliced loaf delivery area
  • Machine frame painted RAL9010
  • Machine movable with castors, two of them lockable

Options and Accessories:

  • Machine height raised by 4 cm
  • Folding bag blower
  • Loaf pusher pressure selector
  • Knife oiling system (SWIFT 450M)

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